Self Portrait Sculpt
Erika Deak
Toy Maker - 3D Artist - Game Developer





Self Portrait Bust: Part 1


I started this project at the beginning of March. Cartoonifying myself always seemed like a fun idea. I figured having a 3D bust of myself would be nice to have as my avatar across social media. I’ll go through the early steps of designing and sculpting and some issues I encountered.

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About Me

I'm Erika Deak and I like to make things I think are cool. Toy making has always been something I wanted to get into but never seemed realistic. Video games and boards games are another thing I am into! Everything from designs, stories and figuring out mechanics.

Along with my goal of making all the things, I also am quite busy outside of my creative life. Hungarian folk dance has been something I participated in since I was six years old for Kapisztran. Also, I'm a skater for the Winnipeg Roller Derby League, I skate as Freaky Deaky for the Valkyries' Wrath and Bombshell Brawlers.

Besides gaming, creating, dancing and skating, I enjoy making super serious faces at the camera.

Portrait of Erika Deak